Mytty Angus Ranch has been in operation since 1998 in Florence, Montana, located in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana.  We are proud of the depth and growth of our operation and the bulls we produce every year.  Our cows are performance cattle coming from elite and power packed cow families.  We strive to focus on fertility first and then to zero in on structural soundness and phonotypical cattle that will consistently deliver calves with powerful weaning weights and yearling weights. Every year we continue to make great strides in performance, feed efficiency and gain ability in our customer’s calves in feed yards across the country.

We have been truly blessed by the long-standing relationships and many customers who show their continued trust of our program by buying our bulls and females each year.

Since we have started in the registered Angus business we have been very fortunate to have raised some well known herd sires, Baldridge Nebraska 109, Mytty In Focus, Mytty Thunderstruck W355 and Mytty Forefront 77P. 

In addition, we also have an extensive embryo transplant program. We typically flush ten of our very best five year olds each year. These donors are always a proven source to expand our most proven genetics.

Here at Mytty Angus we have made a big change in these last few years. We moved our calving from a traditional Jan./ Feb. calving to a May/June calving. We are going to sell 18 month Summer Bulls in this fall sale. We feel this will give our customers the opportunity to buy quality aged bulls. It also has our cow herd working more for themselves and grazing out all winter without any hay or cake.

We also develop around 500 to 600 commercial heifers that stem from our genetic base and breed them to the most proven calving ease sires in the breed. These impressive bred heifers are what we will continue to offer in our annual fall sale.  They are truly “The Montana kind” from long time established herds respected for their cow productivity on grass.

The majority of our cow herd has now been bred and raised through careful selection right here on the ranch and it’s really paying off.  If you ever want to go through our cow herd, we’ll be happy to show you around anytime.